green and cleaner fuel

GreenThermo Energy has positioned itself to be one of the front-runners in producing fuel that is cleaner and cheaper – Eco-Biodiesel™ 

Why Eco-Biodiesel™ is good for the environment?

  • Lower noxious emissions (zero with B100)
  • Lower engine maintenance (improves fuel lubricity)
  • Eliminates algae and fungi in fuel storage

Lower Fuel Consumption (5-10% on Carbon mass balance)


the energy challenge

Global warming is already underway with consequences that must be faced today as well as tomorrow.

Climate change affects the environment we live in and has led to the demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.  

Reducing carbon emissions quickly and deeply is one of the challenges that scientists and economists are grappling with in responding to the serious economic and environmental consequences of climate change.

Businesses in practice today are far more concerned with being green as more and more are becoming confronted with stricter regulations and green taxes as the government increases efforts to curb the emission of greenhouse gases and becoming far more serious about making South Africa a cleaner place.